About Me

Hi, I’m Catherine, As a mother of two young boys I know how special becoming a parent can be. I know it can be quite daunting at times too!. My eldest son suffered with colic and my health visitor recommended baby massage to me. I was amazed at how massaging my baby really helped to calm and soothe him, not to mention me!. I also found massage made me feel closer to him and really strengthened our bond. I made some really good friends on the course too. It really helped sharing tips and advice with like minded parents who had babies of a similar age.

I also attended a baby massage course with my second son. He suffered with reflux, and again, I found the tips and advice invaluable. Mostly I found the class to be a great opportunity to have quality one to one time, without the interruptions of a toddler at home.

I continue to this day to give my boys positive nurturing touch through massage or play. Most days I am asked “will you massage my feet mummy?”, a favourite of both my boys!. I was so inspired by the many benefits of baby massage, I decided to train with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) to become an instructor myself in 2010. Since then I have taught classes within children’s centres, private classes, NCT groups, and worked for Learn Baby Massage providing classes. I have taught well over 3,000 babies and their carers the many wonderful benefits of baby massage. I believe it is one of the best loving starts you can give to your baby to promote health and happiness. I am passionate about teaching the benefits of baby massage and find it such a rewarding and fulfilling career. I love meeting new mums and their babies and welcoming them to my classes, which are relaxed, informal and fun! I aim to deliver a great course teaching all the benefits of baby massage, sharing those invaluable tips and advice together, and having lots of fun and laughter along the way!